Use the button above to apply between December 18, 2023 and February 12, 2024 (by 11:59 PM MST)



•Final dates and logistics are subject to change due to pandemic uncertainties.  

•Operation of the REU in Greenland is dependent on geopolitical factors and logistical considerations through the National Science Foundation. If travel is prohibited, we will provide an alternative domestic research experience. 

•Apply broadly to other REUs since they are all competitive. 

•The "Apply Here" button will take you to an external application site called Submittable at Montana State University.  Look for Arctic REU Greenland. You can save your application as a draft and continue later. Make sure to hit the "Apply" button at the end of the form when you are done

•We encourage applications from first-generation college students, members of under-represented groups, and those from institutions with limited research opportunities.

•Our inclusive application form prompts you to discuss your interests, whether your GPA accurately reflects your academic ability, how any disabilities you may have could be accommodated, what kind of experience you may or may not have had with people from different cultures or social backgrounds, and what socioeconomic or other hardships you have have faced or overcome. 

You do not need  reference letters for the application. We will ask finalists for two names and their contact information. 

Critical Deadlines

Application Deadline

February 12, 2024

Beginning of 6-week, Pre-Field Online Meetings

~early April, 2024